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Every year, AREA has many requests to organize study/technical visits in Thailand for foreign investors and property fund managers, real estate and financial analysts, experts of international organiza- tions, professors from universities around the world. Therefore, AREA now has a full range of study visits for real estate and urban development in Thailand.

Thai Appraisal and Estate Agents Foundation
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Discussion with Experts

Directly talk to one or a group of experts invited to meet with you or your team. Experts of your interest can be renowned local property valuers, realtors, board members of real estate professional bodies, academicians and the like. Schedule can be arranged to suit your convenience.

Site Visits

In the case of detailed studies on specific projects, estates, communities or townships, AREA can help make arrange a site visit to explore in details and to discuss with either a real estate developer, a community committee, a mayor or authorities involved. Projects of interest can be a (luxury) housing estate, a low-income settlements, an industrial estate, a theme park, a golf course, a hotel, a shopping complex, a resort etc.

Windshield Surveys

This is considered a technical "city tour" on real estate where you can be roaming around the city of Bangkok and any other cities nationwide accompanied with an highly experienced real estate / city planning guide. This arrangement can be for one person on a car, a group of people on a van or as many as 40 people on a luxury coach.

A combined program

Discuss with Expert + Site Visits + Windshield Surveys. As per your request, we can arrange a program of 2-5 days for your fruitful and total-package study visits in Thailand. In addition, we can arrange similar programs for those who would like to visit Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar and Vietnam as well. Previous Assignments

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