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Result: 17 events
December 24, 2002
Monthly Forum 3: “Housing Policies for Thailand 2003”
December 11, 2002
Prof.V G Ghyoot, University of South Africa (middle) visited Thai Appraisal foundation
November 28, 2002
Monthly Forum 2: “Site Selection: Study from Experience of the 2,002 Shops of 7-Eleven”
October 21, 2002
Monthly Forum 1: “Techniques on the Acquisition and Disposition of Public Land for Commercial Uses”
October 2002
Dr.Dolgormaa (right), Head of the Agency Immovable Property Registration of Mongolia signed a memorandum of understanding on technical cooperation with the Thai Appraisal foundation. In the future, both organizations will exchange the visits and training
October 8, 2002
Sopon, foundation President, joined the formation of the International Affiliation
October 4, 2002
Association of Real Estate License Law Officials invited Sopon,
September 24-27, 2002
Participation and paper presentation at the 12nd Congress of the ASEAN Valuers Association in Ho Chi Min City
August 26-28, 2002
Paper presentation at the 5th of Property Tax Challenges In Asia, in Hong Kong
July 2002
Participation at the Council Meeting of the ASEAN Association of Planning and Housing
July 4-6, 2002
Paper presentation at the 8th Congress of the AsRES in Seoul
Mid 2002 at the YWCA
The foundation invited authorities involved in real estate to participate at the seminar on the BMR Housing Market Direction,
May 29-31, 2002
Participation at the 53rd Congress of the FIABCI (the Int'l Real Estate Federation) in Kuala Lumpur,
April 2-3, 2002
Mr.David Layne, a valuation expert from New York conducted a two-day course on income approach to value for our foundation. Bangkok
March 7-9, 2002
Paper presentation at the International Seminar on Land Speculation
February 2-3, 2002
The Home Buyer's Fair, Year 6, Government Housing Bank
January 20-23, 2002
Paper presentation at the PRRES Conference, at Christchurch, New Zealand,
Result: 17 events
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